• Namat dan nammii 

      Helander, Kaisa Rautio (DIEĐUT;1/2008, Doctoral thesis, 2012-07-09)
      This doctoral dissertation is a multidisciplinary study of the treatment of Sáminomenclature in official use and of the creation by political means of Norwegianplacenames in indigenous Sámi areas up to the end of the ...
    • Navn på minoritetsspråk i muntlige og skriftlige sammenhenger 

      Helander, Kaisa Rautio; Pedersen, Aud-Kirsti; Logje, Mikkel Rasmus (Dieđut, Book, 2021)
      The year 2019 was chosen by The United Nations as the International Year of Indigenous Languages, and the 49th NORNA symposium was one of the Sami events of that year. It was the first time in NORNA’s history that Sami had ...
    • Symposia ávvučála : nostalgiija, naga ja eará gielalaš ja kultuvrralaš fenomenat 

      Antonsen, Lene; Helander, Kaisa Rautio; Juuso, Piia Susanna; Mattila, Hanna; Ylikoski, Jussi (Diedut;2/2015, Book, 2015)